Growing algae made easy by IKA

IKA Algaemaster 10 control

The photobioreactor Algaemaster 10 control is the perfect equipment supporting scientists to find and recreate the ideal environmental conditions for growing phototrophic organisms such as microalgae. These are of increasing interest for drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

With our seawater resistant and autoclavable system, you are more than well prepared for your specific research activities.

Find the best conditions

The IKA Algaemaster 10 control comes with a controller, reactor vessel and two LED light panels. Temperature and pH sensors, impeller, sparger, quick connect fittings for the jacketed vessel and stirrer motor are included as well as PTFE plugs and connectors as shown on the lid.

The controller provides all features required for growing organisms. With its slim design, it fits next to the reactor on the bench for easy handling.

Controller (front)

Everything at a glance

On the front side you have access to
  • Two large displays with high resolution (480 x 272px) to easily monitor all software settings during the experiment
  • Two peristaltic pumps for adding nutrients and other liquids or when diluting the batch
  • Two manually adjustable gas flow meters for CO2 or air shut on/off
  • A USB port for exporting trial data

Two large 4,3” displays with high resolution to easily monitor all software settings

Two manually adjustable gas flow meters

Two peristaltic pumps

Controller (top)

Nothing left aside

The top of the controller comes with further connections
  • Two gas-out-connectors
  • One pH sensor interface
  • One PT 100 interface

pH / PT 100 Interface

2 x Gas-out-connectors

Controller (back)

Entirely connected

The back panel provides all relevant interfaces
  • Two gas-in-connectors (max. 1bar)
  • One RS 232
  • One USB port for connection to a PC
  • One RS 232 interface to connect to an IKA chiller/circulator for enhanced operation
  • One motor control interface
  • Four connectors to attach up to four LED light panels

4 x LED light panels

2 x Gas-in connectors

1 x USB port

2 x RS 232


Customize it

The customizable lid is made of long term-tested Ultem® thermoplastic which can be sterilized in an autoclave. It provides 6, 8, and 12mm ½“ NPT threaded adapters to connect different diameter hoses or sensors. Additional custom sensors can be accommodated based on the researcher’s need.

The PT 100 temperature and the pH sensor are also inserted through the lid. The stirrer motor is connected to a completely detachable coupling leaving the integrity of the reaction vessel intact following GMP standards. It provides a speed range of 10 to 100 rpm.

Ultem® made lid is autoclavable

Several adapters to connect hoses or sensors

Motor speed range of 10 to 100 rpm

Reactor vessel (10 l)

Keep it running

The 10 liter jacketed reactor vessel has quick connect fittings making it easy to connect a chiller/circulator. A sparger ( for adding gases such as CO2 ), as well as a PTFE coated impeller with two height-adjustable propellers are also included in the scope of delivery.

When using a temperature or pH sensor, a minimum of six liters is required. The maximum volume is 10 liters.

Useable volume

Jacketed reactor vessel

1 x PTFE coated impellers with height adjustable propellers

Light panels

No jetlag

Two LED light panels provided with the IKA Algaemaster 10 control allow a flexible light environment for the organisms. For instance, settings for day and night simulation for a better growth can easily be programmed with the software. For organisms needing an increased light environment, up to four light panels can be connected to the reactor.

Up to 4 LED light panels

Flexible LED panel system

Day & night simulation can be programmed

Complementary products

Combine it

Our IKA immersion circulators and/or chillers can be connected to the jacketed reactor vessel to perfectly control the temperature inside the reactor. The circulator is directly connected to the Algaemaster 10 control unit, allowing best possible control. Further IKA products such as centrifuges, shakers and vortex mixers, homogenizers or the disposable sample processing system UTTD might also be of interest for your application.